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KirklandWeeds is Keeping Kirkland Beautiful


There’s a new, fun volunteer project in town run by Kirkland residents for the benefit of Kirkland residents and is not a City run program or event.


The covid-19 crisis has cut into the city’s revenue and ability to hire summer landscapers. So Kirkland residents are picking up the slack to help out. Contact Us if you would like to volunteer.



Find A DayBefore & After Pics

Weeding is nearly over for this year. You may see us occasionally cleaning up a street if the weather permits.

Our Schedule

We work weeding from 8ish to 12 noon…..9 is fine too, Monday to Friday. But any time that is convenient for you is fine with us.

Enlist A Friend

As you travel around the city and see areas that you could beautify, enlist a friend, take your tools and yard waste bags and make a difference. This is a great way to meet up with friends while maintaining social distancing.

It may be a curb that is overgrown with weeds, or a street gutter that needs sweeping or ivy that needs cutting, or an area on a sidewalk that needs attention.

To join the Weed Team, check the calendar below. For safety’s sake we are not allowed to work on the street medians.

Share This Information

Please share this notice with friends and neighbors, your neighborhood association and Kirkland organizations.

Please include this project on your websites and in newsletters.

We are #KirklandWeeds.  We are #WeedingKirkland

Image of the weeding work crew santos contreras, pam hunes, sue contreras, karen lightfeldt, tim warner and walk krueger
High School Volunteer Weeder
Volunteer Weeder
High School Volunteer Weeder

New weeding programs will appear here towards the end of April 2021. Until then please stay Safe, stay Well and Wear Your Mask.


Map of Lake Street and Central Parking Lot
Map of 124th Street Kirkland
Map of NE 70th Street and Place
Map of 6th St. & 11th Ave.
Image of map of Kirkland Arts Center and 7th Avenue Kirkland
Map showing the Old Arco Gas Station on 124th and Kingsgate Park and Ride
Kirkland Weeds

A Special Thank You to the three organizers who put this program together: Sue Contreras, Pam Hynes and Karen Lightfeldt.

Photo by Chocolate Moons LLC.

Kirkland Weeds

Grab a friend (or two), grab a bucket, grab a waste bag and some tools and join us when we need an area that needs some TLC.

Website by Chocolate Moons LLC.

Kirkland Weeds

Check out the calendar below for an opportunity to help us. You can also contact us through the form below. Or just turn up!

Photo by Chocolate Moons LLC.

Kirkland Weeds

If you prefer to clean up your local area, email your before and after photos to and we will post them here and on our social network platforms.

Photo by Chocolate Moons LLC.

Would you like to sponsor our volunteers?

We would love some help if you could purchase some recycle yard waste bags and some extra tools and gloves for our volunteers and we will Thank You here. Just fill in our Contact Form and we will respond within a couple of days.

Contact the Organizers


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