Kirkland Residents take matters into their own hands when their city starts to look disheveled and disappointing to residents and visitors alike.

KIRKLAND, WA., September 7, 2020 —  Kirkland Weeds sounds like another marijuana store, right? But not this time. Kirkland Weeds is a volunteer program run by Kirkland residents Sue Contreras, Karen Lightfeldt and Pam Hynes who launched Kirkland Weeds in July 2020 ( It started when the city of Kirkland’s budget shortfall due to the pandemic meant it had to cut the normal summer landscapers.

The three of them talked about what it would take to clean up some of the eyesores around town. The city was starting to look disheveled. Some buckets, gloves, what else? Weeding tools-Yes. Rakes-Yes. Brooms-Yes. There was still something missing. What was it? Oh Yes! People. As this was not a city program, they had to run it themselves and make a long term commitment towards it.

After a few weeks people started to put in a few hours here and there. They even had some homeless people join in and just last week they purchased a weedwacker to help clear some of the more distressed areas that are looking worse than an eyesore.

It has already had a major impact on many of the city’s streets. But they need more help.  THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

Most days they work from 8 AM to 12 midday but if you can only manage an hour, they would love to see you. It’s not difficult to join in. Check out the website’s Events Section on the front page (Now Onwards) or click on the button ‘Find A Day’ in the top title image. They post a week in advance and there is an address where you can meet up with them most mornings during the week.

Just turn up with gloves and any other garden tools you like (it doesn’t matter if you don’t because they have spare) and join in. If you can’t volunteer do you have any spare tools you can donate because that would be awesome.


Most days they work from 8 AM to 12 midday but if you can only manage an hour, they would love to see you.

The die-hard regulars are no youngsters either. They don’t slow down, they don’t give up, they nurse many aches and pains at the end of each day and then turn up at 8 AM most mornings to start another sidewalk, another walkway, another intersection. While working alongside each other they follow social distancing and all wear masks when within 6 feet of each other.

In the last few weeks it has had a major impact on many of the city’s streets. But that is not all.

At times we have all felt lonely or overwhelmed as a result of the pandemic. But this group has discovered a new way of coping, one of camaraderie, and are discovering that all this exercise is better than an hour at the gym, and the fresh air is not just good for the body and mind, but good for the soul.

And absolutely great for the City of Kirkland.


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