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Image of Sue Contreras, organizer of Kirkland Weeds volunteer program

Sue Contreras

Sue Contreras is the leader of this project. Her focus this year, apart from regular weeding, is to remove invasive ivy that is choking Kirkland trees.

When we say Private Property, we mean that Sue will be the communicator with anyone who owns a property within Kirkland and who requires yard clean-up and weeding. This requires the consent of the land/property owner and both volunteer and land owner accept liability.

If you would like Sue and her team’s help, please fill in the Contact Form on the front page and she will respond to you within a few business days (if not before!).

image of purple flowers

Our Schedule

We work weeding from 8ish to 12 noon…..9 is fine too, Monday to Friday. But any time that is convenient for you is fine with us.

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Enlist A Friend

As you travel around the city and see areas that you could beautify, enlist a friend, take your tools and yard waste bags and make a difference. This is a great way to meet up with friends while maintaining social distancing.

It may be a some ivy that needs cutting however if it’s a curb that is overgrown with weeds, or a street gutter that needs sweeping or an area on a sidewalk that needs attention, visit our City Volunteer page for information. And contact Sue on our Contact page.

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Share This Information

Please share this notice with friends and neighbors, your neighborhood association and Kirkland organizations.

Please include this project on your websites and in newsletters.

We are #KirklandWeeds.  We are #WeedingKirkland

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